Worldwide data

Use Data Worldwide With The Tellink Traveller SIM

With your Tellink Roaming Sim you can use your smartphone again for what it was made for. Browse the web, check your emails, look for nice restaurants ... all at affordable roaming rates. You can access data almost everywhere in the world without worries of spending to much.

Check the data rates for your destination using our calculator. Keep in mind that data roaming charges for Europe will be even lower when using the Data Bundles for Europe.

We are doing all we can to offer you the best rates available for data roaming internationally. On top of that, you can also do your part to control your costs. Get the most from your phone by using an application, like My Data Manager, to manage your data on a per application basis so you can avoid surprises.

Besides using data with your Tellink sim, you can use your card as well for calling or texting. In that way you will be connected everywhere at low costs.

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