Create Ancillary Revenue as a Partner


The travel market is facing shrinking margins due to high competition on traditional travel solutions. This is why many are looking for reliable ancillary products to sell without a big up-front investment. Tellink Roaming answers this need through several traveller sim partner programs. These reliable ancillary services are advantegous for travel businesses and their clients. Find out more about the possible solutions:


affiliate partner program

As a business owner, a website owner or a blogger with your own lists, you know that affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to generate income and give real value to your audience. Gain extra income now! 

Wholesale partner

If you’re already active in the telecom field and bill your customers you can become a wholesale partner. This model enables more flexibility towards customised rates and gives you control over your margins.

White label partner

In both retail and wholesale we can supply our products in white label. Tellink understands very well that partners want to ensure their branding is protected. The Tellink services and tools are therefore offered in white label and can be customised according to the specific requirements of the partner.

Corporate accounts

If your company is active abroad and you are looking for ways to reduce your roaming expenses as well as to gain more control over your usage please contact us in order to set up a corporate account. You will be able to control all your users’ credits and monitor their usage.


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Advantages of a Partnership:

  • Ancillary revenue in shrinking margin market.
  • Benefit growing attention new travel product.
  • Easy money, low hassle.
  • reliable business partner, over 15 years of experience.


Tellink is an independent telecom provider with over 15 years of experience. Since 2004 Tellink has forged good relationships with Telcos for the supply of Roaming Services. Tellink is in a unique collaboration with a top worldwide operator Orange for the traveller SIM card. Thanks to our experience, infrastructure and customer-driven company focus, Tellink has built up a loyal customer base around the world of business and private clients.



Travel blogger, Violaine Malié, went on a unique train trip from Berlin al the way to Istanbul by train for 'The Travel Magazine'. She is able to upload pictures, share stories and tweet from all destination countries. She will be passing Germany, Czech-Republic, Austria, etc.

Wondering how she is able to use all these unique features at low cost? She is using our great data roaming service for Europe. Could you imagin how much it would've cost you when you do all these acts, using your own SIM card?

We hope you would like to follow this journey with us.