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If your company is active abroad and you are looking for ways to reduce your roaming expenses as well as to gain more control over your usage please contact us in order to set up a corporate account. You will be able to control all your users’ credits and monitor their usage.

Our global roaming sim card is able to save big on roaming costs without losing connectivity. This will help them while abroad.

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Testimonial telecom comparison site: Tarifica


Travel blogger, Violaine Malié, went on a unique train trip from Berlin al the way to Istanbul by train for 'The Travel Magazine'. She is able to upload pictures, share stories and tweet from all destination countries. She will be passing Germany, Czech-Republic, Austria, etc.

Wondering how she is able to use all these unique features at low cost? She is using our great data roaming service for Europe. Could you imagin how much it would've cost you when you do all these acts, using your own SIM card?

We hope you would like to follow this journey with us.