Global SIM Card: Features

A Global Roaming sim

Tellink provides a single global roaming SIM card. This means you will receive a sim card which works everywhere you travel to and eliminates or reduces international roaming costs for voice, SMS and data services. The Tellink international sim card keeps customers better connected when they travel globally for business or leisure.

Other options?

  • Disconnect your current number when you are travelling. Which means that you will no longer be reachable. ⇔ With a global SIM you stay connected everywhere you go.
  • Buy local SIM cards? In every country you visit, you will have to buy a new SIM card and replace it, every time you cross a border. Unused credit will remain on these different local SIM cards. ⇔ With a global sim card, you have one sim card you can use accross borders without losing any connectivity
A single global sim card for all your journeys


Save on roaming charges with this international sim card

sim card offers Reduced Roaming Charges

  • Saves up to 90% on global roaming charges
  • Free incoming calls in over 60 countries
  • Free incoming SMS worldwide
  • Data roaming: use various data bundles in Europe
  • Prepaid SIM card. No excessive roaming bills.

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Tellink: USSD Callback technology

TELLINK Global Sim Card offers a SIM based service which aims primarily at offering important savings on international roaming charges.
To create savings on outgoing calls we use a callback technology which is natively embedded on the international SIM card and transparent to the user. Basically what we do is replace the outgoing call by an incoming call and a call to the destination. The arbitrage between outgoing and incoming calls enables us to offer substantial savings to our customers.


USSD Callback for international sim card


Voice Quality, international sim card

A Global sim with Premium Voice quality

Our service uses the international roaming agreements of Orange. Quite unique for such a service, our users can use the services almost anywhere in the world (>200 countries / 620 mobile networks) with a Premium quality network. This offers you not only a pleasant stay abroad but the feeling of staying connected with family and friends everywhere in the world.



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Tellink Traveller Sim - International Sim Cards & Data Roaming
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