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Promote tellink roaming on your site and make money when your visitors buy from us!

Declining margins on traditional travel products and services are a general trend In travel business. This is why many enterprises in the industry are looking for more products to sell to gain an equal or higher profit.

As a business owner, a website owner or a blogger with your own lists, you know that affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to generate this extra income and give real value to your audience. But what matters most is choosing the right product that resonates with your list/audience. An affiliate program with the Tellink Traveller SIM is 100% free and offers a reliable product to your customers. The product is easy to sell and gives you the extra income without much hassle.

Earning money is easy - for every sale of a Tellink Roaming SIM card generated from your site, you will earn a bonus and for every further top-up you will earn commission. The affiliate partner program has a demonstrated track record of great earning potential. The dual bonus and commission-based model we use with our partners is the preferred sales model and guarantees a long-term, mutually beneficial business relationship with them. You will receive a monthly report on performance of your campaign.

Another advantage of coöperation: we do all the handling from order till delivery and make sure you get your cut of the deal.

Want to sign up for this unique partnership? Then get your promotional material & personalised interface. Contact us for your commission fees now. 

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