Easy Travel SIM Card

Ordered online, delivered to you free anywhere in the world

We deliver your Tellink Traveller SIM card wherever you want it. Your home adress, hotel or overseas office. All this, totally free of charge. Do you want to order your travel sim card? Do this in only 3 easy steps

  1. Go to the buy sim page
  2. Select your product(s) and provide payment details and address for free doorstep delivery
  3. Checkout and confirm

It’s as simple as that!

Order Tellink traveller sim Here
Free Delivery worldwide, of your Tellink Travel SIM


received your travel sim card? Simple put it in the phone and stay connected

Received your Travel SIM card?

Put it in your mobile phone (pre-installed), there’s no need for difficult configuration. Just insert your new Tellink Traveller SIM card and it’s ready to use. We also inserted a user guide in our roaming package so you can always rely on an understandable manual.

To use data you will need to change the APN settings to: mobinternet.be 


Out of credit? Top-Up online

For people who like to stay connected anywhere and everywhere they go, we created the possibility to recharge your credit online with a few simple clicks. Easily top-up your travel SIM card online in 4 easy steps

  1. Go to the top-up page
  2. Select your Tellink mobile phonenumber and Top Up the amount needed.
  3. Enter your payment details
  4. Confirm
Your credit will be reloaded automatically.
Not sure? Just double-check by sending a text message.
Top Up your travel sim


Tellink Traveller Sim - International Sim Cards & Data Roaming
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