Data bundles Europe


Would you like to save even more money on data roaming when travelling in the EU? Adding a data bundle to your Tellink Traveller SIM can result in even bigger savings! Tellink offers bundles as small as 1 Gb up to 5 Gb. All our bundles are valid during 30 days.

You can activate your bundle with the credit you have on your sim card. (€15 credit is included, top-up extra if needed)

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Data bundles can simply be ordered through SMS. To activate/order a bundle send an SMS to 1960 or +32491281960 with one of the the following codes:

Data bundles EU28 (validity 30 days) SMS CODE price
EU 500MB EU500 €  8,00
EU 1GB EU1024 € 15,00
EU 2GB EU2048 € 29,00
EU 3GB EU3072 € 42,00
EU 4GB EU4096 € 55,00
EU 5GB EU5120 € 68,00


It all starts with a Tellink sim card

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Want to be able to stay connected everywhere in Europe at incredible low data roaming rates?